Albumin deficiency is a health problem. Know the signs of infection and foods appropriate for your condition #Health

Albumin deficiency is a medical problem that some people suffer from without knowing it. According to a report published on the clevelandclinic website, some of the symptoms and signs that appear on the body may warn you of a significant increase in the level of albumin in the blood. The most important of these symptoms is severe swelling in the feet and part of the legs. Also, the color of urine may change and become dark, in addition to the patient’s appetite may change completely and become less than usual, in addition to feeling weak, weak, and muscle pain. Some may also suffer from an increase in the number of times urinating at night along with breathing problems.

Regarding albumin, the report explains that it is responsible for transporting hormones and vitamins to all parts of the body, and when its levels decrease, all body functions are affected, and it is a protein primarily produced by the liver.

For his part, a report published on the Davita website stated that there is a group of foods that can help those who suffer from albumin deficiency, provided that they are not kidney patients or undergoing dialysis sessions, in addition to the necessity of not eating these foods to excess, and focusing on limited quantities of them. To obtain the recommended daily protein percentage without increase or decrease, they must follow a diet in accordance with the advice of a nutritionist to control its protein levels, including:

Greek yogurt, which is rich in protein. One cup of it that we add to the diet helps control the albumin level, but a specialist must be consulted regarding the appropriate amount.

Vegetarian alternatives to protein, such as plant-based burgers, are also excellent options that benefit patients with albumin deficiency

Boiled or grilled chicken. Eating it grilled or boiled provides you with a good, pure percentage of protein without excess.

Cheese is also a good choice, but in limited quantities because it contains potassium

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