Details of the first lunar space station to house astronauts and explore Mars

NASA’s Lunar Gateway could host Artemis 4 astronauts as early as 2028, according to current estimates. It would be humanity’s first space station outside Earth’s orbit, and an important step in exploring the solar system.

According to the website,the sun“, the Gateway will provide a base for astronauts to easily reach and walk around the lunar surface, thanks to its highly elliptical orbit around the Moon.

Lunar portal
Lunar portal

This type of orbit would put it relatively close to the moon’s surface and far enough to easily pick up astronauts and supplies from Earth.

According to NASA, the lunar space station will be an integral part of future missions to Mars.

It will serve as a practical test of the technologies needed to sustain a human presence in deep space, and chart a course to Mars, a journey that could take nearly seven months to complete.

“NASA is building the infrastructure to expand human exploration into the solar system further than ever before, including a lunar space station that will help us make inspiring scientific discoveries on and around the Moon,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement.

“Just as importantly, these investments will help NASA carry out the United States’ goal of continuing to develop and test the technology and science needed for a human mission to Mars,” Nelson added.

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