Expert: Sitting at home causes the Internet to crash during the winter and storms

Strong winds from Storm Gerrit may have an impact on your internet connection, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Bad weather can cause your Wi-Fi connection to slow down or even eliminate it completely, reports thesun.

But why does your Wi-Fi suddenly slow down during a strong storm?

There may not necessarily be a technical problem. According to experts, it is actually human nature that is at play, all because more people are choosing to stay in rather than go out.

This gets worse during the Christmas period when more people tend to be out of work. “When it rains, more people may decide to stay home or work from home,” James Jin Kang and Paul Haskell Dowland, of Edith Cowan University, write in The Conversation. the home” .

This inevitably leads to an increase in network usage. When a large number of people increase their Internet usage, the limited available bandwidth is quickly consumed, resulting in an obvious slowdown. Most households in your area will do the same.

What happens next is that your entire local bandwidth is disrupted by your rainy day internet plans.

Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transferred over an Internet connection during a given period, and is shared by all Internet users in a given area.

Extreme weather such as storms can have other consequences, Virgin Media warned, and this could cause problems for any overhead cables in your area.

“Although a storm can’t interfere with your router’s wireless signal, severe weather can affect your WiFi connection in other ways,” the company explains.

Heavy rain or wind can damage the overhead cables feeding your broadband, and poor connections in the central internet hub can also slow your internet speed when weather is inclement.

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