Foreign Ministry gives possible reasons for breaking off diplomatic relations with USA

Foreign Ministry gives possible reasons for breaking off diplomatic relations with USA

The Russian Foreign Ministry announces what could lead to the severance of diplomatic relations with the USA. Primarily mentioned is a potential confiscation of Russian assets and further military escalation.

In an interview with the newspaper Interfax Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the state of Russian-American relations. The diplomat emphasized that Moscow is prepared for all scenarios, both negative and positive. He revealed what could lead to a break in bilateral diplomatic relations:

“As for the trigger for a possible round of confrontation with the potential to break off relations, the reason could be the seizure of assets, further military escalation and much more. I would not get involved in negative predictions here.”

Ryabkov called for diplomatic relations with Washington not to be turned into “some kind of totem to be worshiped.” It is not a “sacred cow that is protected by everyone”. The diplomat sees the current format of relations between the two countries in a “comatose state” due to Washington and its stated goal of “inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia.”

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At the same time, Ryabkov emphasized that Moscow would not take the initiative to break off diplomatic relations, as Russia and the United States “play a central role in maintaining international security and strategic stability.”

Recently reported the New York Timesthat US President Joe Biden’s administration had begun urgent talks with its allies about using the Russian central bank’s frozen assets worth around $300 billion to help Kiev amid difficulties in providing financial aid. It is still unclear whether Ukraine will receive the funds directly and for what purposes they can be used, whether for the economy and reconstruction or for the military.

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