Google launches new features for safe browsing on Chrome. Get to know them

Google launches new features for safe browsing on Chrome. Get to know them

Google has released a set of new features for the Chrome browser, which includes a safety check that ensures users are informed of their vulnerable passwords, in an attempt to enhance the browser’s security and performance for Chrome users.

It also provides advanced performance control to make Chrome run smoother, providing users with more control over memory usage, and finally there is the ability to save tab groups, which enhances organization and makes it easier for users to pick up where they left off across different devices, according to the indiatoday report.

In a recent publication, Google said, “We are introducing new security and performance features in Chrome at just the right time for browsing gifts,” and in a closer look at the newly announced feature for the Google Chrome browser, it came as follows:

Personal and proactive safety check

To enhance passwords and safety across the browser, Google has revamped the Safety Check feature for Chrome which is said to be more personalized and proactive than ever. According to the blog post, the newly updated Safety Check feature for Chrome on desktop will now perform automatic background checks, keeping Users are aware of potential security risks.

The browser will now proactively alert users if their saved passwords have been compromised, identify potentially malicious extensions, notify them of outdated Chrome versions, or highlight site permissions that need attention.

“These alerts will appear in Chrome’s three-dot menu so you can take appropriate action,” says Sabine Boursay, Chrome Group Product Manager. Additionally, Google is also expanding the ability for Safety Check to revoke site permissions, and for sites that haven’t… If you visit a long time ago, Chrome will now automatically revoke permissions, such as location or microphone access. This feature will also add an extra layer of security to Chrome by restricting unnecessary access to sensitive information.

Not only this, Google is also upgrading its security scanning to identify and report sites that bombard users with excessive notifications, and for users who are inundated with notifications from less-engaged sites, this feature will provide an easy way to disable it.

Upgrade performance controls

Borsai revealed that, building on the success of last year’s memory saving mode, Google has now introduced a new, smarter performance control feature to make Chrome run smoother, and users can now get more details about their tab’s memory usage by simply hovering over it in mode. Memory Saving This information will include details about potential memory saved when tabs become inactive, giving users insights into their browser’s resource usage.

We recently added more details about your tabs’ memory usage when you hover over them in Memory Saver mode, including the potential memory saved when they become inactive, and we made it easier to specify which locations should always remain active.

Additionally, Chrome makes it easier for users to specify which sites should always remain active, providing a more personalized and controlled performance experience. To set up Memory Saver Mode, users can go to the Performance section in Settings and turn on Memory Saver Mode.

Ability to save tab groups

For users who want to organize their browsing experience, Chrome offers the ability to save tab groups. This feature, which will be rolled out over the next few weeks on Chrome desktop, will allow users to arrange and organize tabs efficiently. To make this feature more useful, Google has added functionality via… Devices, which will allow users to save tab groups that are accessible on other desktops.

This feature will be useful for users who are juggling multiple projects or conducting research across different sites. By saving tab groups, users can easily pick up where they left off, promoting a more streamlined and productive browsing experience.

But that’s not all, Google has also hinted at giving its browser an AI boost next year, and we will be bringing smarter and more useful features to Chrome early next year powered by the new Gemini AI model,” the blog post notes.

Although this is not surprising, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has revealed that the company will be bringing AI capabilities to Chrome as well. However, it will be interesting to see how Chrome will be upgraded with AI.

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