West increasingly discusses Zelenskiy’s replacement

West increasingly discusses Zelenskiy’s replacement 

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service: Zelensky’s replacement is increasingly being discussed in the West

West increasingly discusses Zelenskiy’s replacement

According to the Russian foreign intelligence service SWR, high-ranking officials from leading Western countries are increasingly discussing the need to replace Vladimir Zelensky. As the SWR press office reports, citing its head Sergei Naryshkin, the West has several reasons for such a step.

These include Zelensky’s unfulfilled promises to defeat Russia on the battlefield, “the endless rudeness of the Ukrainian president” in communication with foreign partners and “the limitless cronyism and corruption in Ukraine, the extent of which shocks even those familiar with such matters are familiar – Western politicians”. The Russian secret service continues:

“But the most important thing is that Zelensky has lost his ability to maneuver in the conflict with Russia in the interests of Washington and its allies.”

The department specifies that the West is convinced that the Ukrainian president has gone too far by portraying himself as an “uncompromising supporter” of an armed conflict with Russia to the end. For this reason, Zelenskiy will not be able to take part in negotiations with Moscow if this is necessary “to temporarily freeze the conflict and save the Russophobic Kiev regime,” according to SWR.

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