Why do you visit us sometimes? "Nightmares" Annoying? Science answers

Why do you visit us sometimes? "Nightmares" Annoying?  Science answers

Why do you visit us sometimes? "Nightmares" Annoying?  Science answers 

The World of Dreams is a world full of secrets. It may accompany you with a dream that makes you feel joyful, while on the contrary, another disturbing dream may haunt you, causing you distress and tension. This is what is called "nightmares." According to the website "discovermagazine," a nightmare is a negative dream that often leads to the person waking up in a state of bewilderment or fear. There are two main types of nightmares: post-traumatic nightmares and nightmares with unknown causes. As for nightmares with unknown causes, they are not painful, but their true causes are not clear.

Understanding the Difference between Nightmares and Bad Dreams

The difference between a nightmare and a bad dream is the level of anxiety and fright it causes. However, a nightmare is a recurring bad dream that leads to waking up in a state of shock. The astonishing thing about dreams is how difficult it is to remember them, while nightmares are dark and disturbing.

On the other hand, dreams can be a way for the brain to rid itself of accumulated excess information.

Can Stress Cause Nightmares?

Nightmares are associated with periods of stress or emotional disturbance, where anxiety is considered one of the main causes of nightmares. As for nightmares resulting from trauma, they can be a form of therapy, an attempt by the body to heal and move forward from painful events. However, some people get stuck in them, unable to move on with their lives without being disturbed by them.

The Role of the Body in Nightmares

Our bodies may also be responsible for recurring nightmares. Every night, we go through four to six sleep cycles, starting with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and ending with deep sleep.

How to Stop Having Nightmares

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule, along with reducing daytime anxiety, is helpful in any case. Lack of sleep can lead to a rebound in rapid eye movement, thus restoring balance to your body.

Why do annoying “nightmares” sometimes visit us? Science answers

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