Beware… tricks to save your iPhone’s battery power will slow down your device

An iPhone user has warned people about popular battery saving tricks, claiming that they make your smartphone slower. Apple fans have come up with all kinds of tricks over the years in a desperate attempt to keep their devices powered for longer, and one such idea that we’ve heard several times in the past is: Turn off background apps.

It’s widely believed that apps that run when not in use are secretly sucking power, but according to Lawrence Finch, an iPhone user on Apple’s community forums, this is a “myth.”

He says that there is “nothing to be gained” from this process and that it even worsens battery life. “It is a common belief that you should close applications running in the background to improve performance and save battery life,” he said. “Unfortunately, this is an incorrect myth.” In almost all situations.”

He explains that even though people think they are “running” in the background, they are actually “stuck.” The iPhone user goes on to say that turning off background apps is counterproductive to saving battery, because more energy is used to load the app rather than restarting it from the start. Multitasking screen.

“It doesn’t make your phone faster (it actually makes it slower, because formatting an app from storage takes longer than restarting it from a suspended state),” he continued. “You should only close the app in the fast launch screen if it’s ‘working poorly.'” ” – It is not working properly, or if it is using power (depending on settings/battery) and you do not need it at the moment.”

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