Blisters on the hands and between the fingers are a sign that may indicate eczema #Health

Pimples in different areas of the body may reveal to you a skin problem you are suffering from, or a latent disease whose symptoms appear in the form of skin marks. Pimples always have a cause, and their presence in a specific place may show you the cause and reveal the disease.

According to a report published on the clevelandclinic medical website, if the pimples or pimples appear on the hand and around the fingers, and also appear on the palm of the hand, these signs are accompanied by excessive sweating, especially around the pimples, then the confirmed infection is called sweat eczema.

The report continued by explaining that these pimples may cause severe itching and itching, as well as a change in the appearance of the skin at times, such that it begins to gradually dry out, giving it a very rough, harsh appearance whose degree varies from one case to another.

The report continued, explaining that pimples may be painful and uncomfortable, as well as cracks that appear in the skin as well, which helps to make the skin thick and thick.

This eczema increases among those who have an old family history of skin diseases or eczema and dermatitis, as well as those who have allergic problems to certain materials or things.

This eczema is a well-known skin condition, closely linked to sweat and its abundance, in addition to its association with many factors, including severe stress. If these signs appear on the person and his hands, he should be referred to a specialist doctor who will determine the extent of the infection.

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