How to enable the stolen device protection feature on iPhone.. Know the steps

Apple introduced a valuable security feature with the beta version of iOS 17.3, Stolen Device Protection for iPhone. This feature protects your device in the event of an unfortunate theft.

This security measure was introduced after an investigation by Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal, which revealed an increase in iPhone thefts, especially in public places, as attackers observed victims entering passcodes before stealing their iPhones, and changing ID passwords. Apple, closing owners’ accounts.

Stolen Device Protection addresses this issue by requiring biometric authentication outside of trusted locations, adding an extra layer of security.

Should you enable the Stolen Device Protection feature on your iPhone?

Yes, the Stolen Device Protection feature enhances security with minimal impact on the user experience. Even if Face ID or Touch ID fails, you can still use your device to perform basic functions, and sensitive actions such as changing Apple ID passwords or codes will be restricted. traffic, providing a safe environment.

Here are the steps to enable stolen device protection

Make sure your iPhone has the iOS 17.3 beta update.

Go to the Settings app

Select the Face ID & Passcode option (or “Touch ID & Passcode”).

Click on Activate Protection under the Stolen Device Protection option.

Your iPhone now has Stolen Device Protection.

In the rare case that Face ID or Touch ID malfunctions, you can still use your passcode to disable stolen device protection when you’re in a trusted location.

This flexibility ensures that your device is accessible even in unexpected situations.

By following these simple steps, you can enhance the security of your iPhone by protecting stolen devices, providing peace of mind in the event of theft or unauthorized access.

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