There are many causes of high cholesterol, including lack of activity and movement #Health

Although high cholesterol is usually related to your diet, you may also have a genetic condition that makes it difficult for your body to get rid of excess cholesterol. Smoking, age, and weight can also contribute to high blood cholesterol levels. In this report we learn about On the causes of high blood cholesterol and ways to treat it, according to the website “very well health“.

It can be difficult to know if you have high cholesterol because it is not always accompanied by symptoms, and high blood cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart attacks, strokes and other conditions.

Causes of high blood cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty molecule that your cells need to function. The liver makes it, but you can also get cholesterol from the foods you eat.


It can be caused by high cholesterol in your diet. Cholesterol enters your body when you eat food, specifically foods that are high in saturated fat, such as fried foods and red meat. If you eat too much of these foods, it can raise your blood cholesterol to unhealthy levels

If you eat healthy, other factors may affect your cholesterol levels.


Even if you eat right and exercise, you can still have high cholesterol if you have a hereditary form of high cholesterol from your parents called familial hypercholesterolemia. This condition can make it difficult for your body to get rid of excess cholesterol.

Lack of activity

When you don’t get enough exercise, your body may not produce enough good cholesterol that it needs to remove bad cholesterol from your body.

Some studies have found that long periods of inactivity are associated with significant increases in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol.

Getting plenty of exercise has a variety of health benefits and may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Age and weight

As you age, your cholesterol level rises LDL You have. Some scientists believe that your body becomes less efficient at getting rid of bad cholesterol as you age.

Research has also found that good cholesterol (HDL) decreases by about 1% with each year of aging


Smoking can restrict blood flow through blood vessels and make them stiff. Furthermore, smoking can impair the function of good cholesterol, which helps break down bad cholesterol and balance its levels in the body.

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