For this reason, Vision Pro glasses come at a high price. Tim Ku K reveals

Apple’s latest innovation, Vision Pro, has already arrived in stores, and it comes at an exorbitant price of up to $3,500. The shock of the price may leave some wondering about the reason for this exorbitant cost, but Apple CEO Tim Cook took the opportunity to highlight the matter during… Recent earnings call.

He stressed that the high price is a reflection of the amazing technological progress found in the mixed reality headset, while the Vision Pro, which is built on the foundation of 5,000 patents, is a testament to Apple’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

During the earnings call, Cook addressed concerns about hefty pricing, saying, “If you look at it from a price point of view, there’s an incredible amount of technology built into the product,” and went on to highlight the inclusion of two Apple Silicon chips and the availability of 600 new custom-designed apps and games. For the device.

Apple Vision Pro delivers spatial computing, allowing wearers to integrate digital content into their physical surroundings. This technology is the result of years of innovation, from advances in silicon to displays, and huge strides in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cook explained the role of AI, saying, “It of course builds on many of the innovations that Apple has spent several years on, from silicon to displays and machine learning that is important for AI — all the manual tracking, room mapping, all of these things,” led by artificial intelligence.”

Despite the seemingly high price, many Apple fans did not hesitate to get their hands on their piece of the future when pre-orders opened on January 19, as there were reports that the company had already sold around 200,000 headphones. However, it is expected that Some analysts say demand may diminish due to the specialized nature of headphones.

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