How to diagnose your child with anxiety and tips for treating it after school returns #Health

Anxiety is that strong, acute feeling that afflicts some people, makes them feel afraid and disturbed, and affects their lives in general. According to a report published in the Hills Direct medical website concerned with public health, anxiety in children is a major problem that must be dealt with quickly and not neglected by the parents in order to get rid of it quickly, and it appears The child has some symptoms that confirm that the child is suffering from anxiety, including:

– Disturbances in social relationships and a constant feeling of shame

– Worrying about everything related to school, schoolwork, exercise, and all the tasks assigned to it

Children’s anxiety is excessive despite the simplicity of the situation

– Avoid people and places they feel anxious about

– Difficulties sleeping

– Stomach problems, severe digestive disorders, and excretory disorders with diarrhea or constipation

– Headache and headache

The report added that a child suffering from anxiety is diagnosed through some signs in which the doctor asks the mothers. He also identifies the symptoms that appear at home and at school and the complaints that appear in either of them, and by asking the older child and subjecting him to some important questions that reveal that he has an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety in children must be treated through consultation with a child psychologist, with attention paid to treating them behaviorally and cognitively through sessions, with attention paid to feeding them healthy food and making them feel safe, cared for, and contained by their parents.

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