It affects autistic patients.. Effective tips and treatments for sleep disorders #Health

Autism is a spectrum that some people suffer from, and its behavioral interactions affect the patient with it. Most autistic patients may suffer from sleep problems and suffer from disturbances during which they are unable to sleep for continuous hours, in addition to the fact that it is common among them to suffer from anxiety during sleep and tension.

According to a report published on the Cura public health website, those suffering from the autism spectrum may suffer from severe sleep disorders as a result of their excessive thinking and differences in their behaviors and sensory aspects.

The report went on to explain that autistic people always aim to experience their senses to a greater extent than normal people, and therefore they cannot stop thinking as much as possible. This may also lead to them suffering from severe insomnia as a result of their excessive thinking, their patterns of feeling about the surrounding environment, and their high degree of sensitivity to influences. The melatonin hormone in these children is disturbed and low.

Regarding the treatment of these disorders, Dr. Omnia Raafat, Professor of Child Psychiatry at Kasr Al-Aini, said that a child suffering from the autism spectrum can get rid of or reduce the rates of his disorders through some advice, which are:

Regular and close follow-up by a specialist doctor regulates his hormone levels and enhances his behaviour

Do not neglect any medications or sessions for a child with autism spectrum disorder

Paying attention to organizing sleep and creating a comfortable environment free of sound, noise, lights, and distractions surrounding the child. Creating a good room for him to sleep comfortably.

Being active throughout the day by practicing some movement, physical, and sports activities that the doctor treating him applies helps him a lot to sleep comfortably.

Paying attention to the physical activity of a child with autism spectrum disorder and involving them in daily tasks causes them to sleep better

Commitment to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy sessions in which the doctor rids the child of the state of anxiety that visits him at night

Paying attention to organizing sleep schedules for the entire family, as well as organizing meal times, meals, and presence inside and outside the home. This routine is extremely beneficial for autistic children.

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