Microsoft is planning to bring Starfield, Indiana Jones, and the Great Circle to PS5

Microsoft appears to be changing its gaming strategy, with reports claiming that the company is considering the potential launch of first-party games on competing consoles, as Starfield, the space RPG from Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks, launched exclusively on Xbox and PC. Profile in September last year, may come to PS5.

Xbox is also planning to bring another upcoming Bethesda title to Sony’s console. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was first revealed at the Xbox Developer Direct last month, and it could also launch on PS5.

The report about Starfield’s potential release outside of Xbox and PC comes from XboxEra, citing anonymous sources who claim that Bethesda’s RPG is under consideration for a PS5 launch, and although there are no details on the release timeline, the report says it could happen after the launch of the Shattered expansion. Space, which was announced in December last year, will be released on Xbox consoles and PC later this year.

Additionally, sources told XboxEra that Microsoft has made “additional investment in PlayStation 5 development kits to support ongoing development efforts.” The report also says that Microsoft’s shift in stance to release first-party titles on competing platforms has not come without some internal resistance, and leadership has been involved The company’s top executive has been in “violent” internal discussions about the issue, with not everyone agreeing with the new direction, but the financial incentive of launching its biggest games on competing consoles such as the PS5 and Nintendo Switch cannot be ignored.

Aside from Starfield, Bethesda’s next big game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, is also being considered for a PS5 launch, according to The Verge, and the report claims, citing a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans, that an Indiana Jones game appears to be joining the lineup. Xbox titles that could make their way to PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The Indiana Jones game has been announced for Xbox Series S/X and PC, and will be exclusive at a specific time, with the possibility of a PS5 launch being considered for several months after the game arrives on Xbox and Windows, and the report says that publisher Bethesda is looking forward to a timeline for the launch of Microsoft consoles and PCs. In December 2024.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed any details about its reported plans to release first-party games on other platforms and its decision on some exclusive titles that will cross over to multiple platforms may change, however, new reports follow rumors of other Xbox titles potentially coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Exclusive titles like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves could reportedly go cross-platform, with XboxEra sources saying the former could be available on rival consoles in the first quarter of 2024.

Xbox’s previous stance on first-party titles has been clear: exclusive launch on Xbox consoles and PC, with subscription access via Game Pass, Aaron Greenberg, vice president of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) — ahead of time. Long from Starfield’s launch – the game will not be a timed exclusive, with no indication it will ever come to PlayStation.

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